Molds Building

Mold Building

Ayanna Plastics & Engineering, Inc., considers mold building a critical part of the success of a project. With a quality design as the foundation, our toolmakers are able to build a mold with the goal of decreasing costs and improving output. Our team of highly skilled toolmakers design and build high-precision molds to optimize plastic injection molding performance and tool longevity.

Our skilled engineers and toolmakers use state-of-the-art injection mold-making equipment and technology, with capabilities to build up to 400-ton class molds. All molds are designed and built to SPI Standards. Our dedication to project management provides our customers with timely project status updates and ensures on-time mold delivery.

Ayanna Plastics & Engineering’s mold expertise includes:

Mold Qualification

All new plastic injection molds undergo mold trial and qualification to ensure all part dimensions are correct and the mold functions properly. As part of the mold trial and qualification, Ayanna Plastics & Engineering, Inc., uses scientific molding to establish consistent, repeatable plastic injection molding process parameters to control the molding process and produce consistent, quality parts at a lower overall cost.

Mold Engineering Changes

Engineering changes can mean minor adjustments or they can mean that a significant change is necessary to a part. Often these changes are a natural progression of a product life cycle or they are required to meet the needs of the end consumer, allow for a better fit between mating parts or are part of a process improvement. Our onsite tool shop works with customers on engineering changes. Depending on the depth of the change, a project schedule may be created to help manage the project.

Mold Maintenance

Injection mold repairs can be costly. The best way to minimize repairs is to properly maintain the mold by ensuring regular maintenance.

The schedule for every mold varies based on such things as the complexity of the part and mold, the type of material used to build the mold and the type of resin used. Every mold has a set maintenance and cleaning schedule based on the needs of the mold. Our knowledge of injection molding and mold building allows us to determine the best schedule for each specific mold. This strategy is simply the best way to protect your investment and provide consistent plastic parts.

There are times when a mold requires repairs. Our onsite tool shop, enables us to provide quick and efficient mold repairs.

Save Thousands

To help our customers manage the high expenses of building a mold, we have invested in an extensive inventory of mold bases. These frames are injection molds that have interchangeable inserts that allow for quicker and less expensive mold designs. We make these mold frames available to house your inserts when your molded product is compatible with this type of tooling. This can save you thousands of dollars in tooling costs.
Mold Building
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