Scientific Molding

Scientific Approach to Plastic Injection Molding

Ayanna Plastics & Engineering is committed to the discipline known as scientific molding. Scientific molding helps to ensure complete control over the injection-molding  process by focusing on the chemistry and composition of the material used to create the components, rather than just the machines used. The molder adheres to an established set of principles throughout the process. This means more robust and repeatable molding processes.

We even discuss the benefits of scientific molding in product design, tooling design and resin selection with our customers to help them achieve the best possible results.

Injection molding is constantly evolving with new materials, equipment and technology. To ensure we are moving in the same direction, Ayanna has the tools in place to evaluate, monitor and adjust the variables that impact molding, such as, injection pressure, machine variation, injection volume, viscosity and more.

Scientific Molding Implementation

To ensure that scientific molding creates positive results for our customers, we are committed to training. Led by a certified “master molder,” approximately a third of our full-time molding team members have already participated in a 20-hour hands-on training class. In addition, all process technicians and process technicians-in-training have passed a written and hands-on assessment. Although some of the team members, such as machine operators, may never use these skills to process a production run, the knowledge helps our operators become more responsible for the quality of output. The knowledge also helps every team member realize the importance of repeatability when working on projects teams.

While the details of scientific molding may not be important to our customers, the results are very significant. By investing in the equipment and training to incorporate scientific molding, we ensure our customers consistently receive high-quality products with every production run.

Scientific Molding Implementation
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