Part Design

Part Design

The success of a project typically begins with the part design. After a talented engineer or designer creates drawings of parts, these designs often need to be fine-tuned for manufacturability. This is where the art and science of engineering first come together.

Using CAD software, our team will analyze your part design using precise measurements to bring together the art of your design and the science of manufacturability. At this phase, a part can be viewed from every angle, mating parts can be put together, and the part becomes a dynamic image that can be converted into something created through injection molding.

Part Design Engineering

Engineers combine known design disciplines with the art of designing for manufacturability to ensure ease of production. A design that facilitates manufacturing will improve consistency and quality – and potentially reduce the cost of manufacturing.

Once the part is designed, a rapid prototype allows a customer to fully test a part. There are countless options for rapid prototyping, and the industry evolves daily. We’ve found that the best way for us to meet the needs of our customers is to partner with many different rapid prototype companies. These partnerships allow us access to the latest technology and the most diverse options for our customers. We aren’t limited by in-house technology or equipment; these partnerships truly allow us to give every customer the best solution, no matter how unique.

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